Sunday, 28 August 2011


I drew my boyfriend, Mitch falling asleep on the sofa, :) I think it's the best lifedrawing I've done.  In the past I've often struggled with them, I'm alright with faces but I always find everything else hard to put into proportion.  I'll have to keep practicing!

Sunday, 14 August 2011


I'll keep this short and sweet because I'm tired.  Today I went for a walk in Staithes and took some photographs of feathers.  I want a feather tattoo.  Also I'm really bad at updating this blog.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Another Skull

Inspired by a multitude of things, including my new project on Peregrination and the journey of a persons life, maybe subconciously Vivienne Westwood's skull necklace and the insane amount of skulls and goth gear I see every Saturday at work!  I used tea, red batik dye, black indian ink and white acrylic paint.


I bought this Vivienne Westwood skulls necklace last week on a visit to Leeds.  I went to see The Kills, who were absolutely amazing! The atmosphere was one of the best I've ever experienced at a gig, chilled out dancing with no pushing or drinks thrown.  I think everyone was just hypnotised by Alison Mosshart.  Four of us squeezed into a double bed in a Travel Lodge and in the morning hunted for a fry up, but we couldn't find a little cafe so settled for M&S where we sat for hours eating full English breakfast ciabattas, rocky road, smoothies, Lattes and cups of tea. (what kind of a student am I?!) Oh I forgot to mension the cool little record shop I went in before this and a good charity shop where I bought loads of clothes and CDs.  I had decided at this moment that shopping is the best hangover cure ever! After this I went into a food coma, but still managed to pop into Vivienne Westwood (where my friend Ella almost accidentally shop-lifted a book - she gave it back when she realised it wasn't free!)

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Fleet Foxes, Helplessness Blues

It's difficult to pick just 1 song from Fleet Foxes' new album, Helplessness Blues, as the whole thing is beautiful and gets better the more I listen, however The Shrine/An Argument really stands out to me.  I read it's about frontman Robin Pecknold's breakup from his girlfriend, which explains why the song if far more passionate and expressive than most others of theirs (I also just read a review by someone saying 'Fleet Foxes is fucking canoeing music'!) What's wrong with that? I like canoeing and I also like lazing about in the sun with a book listening to Fleet Foxes :)

My Exhibition, Teesside University

Mixed media drawings, paintings and photography exploring 'Identity,' a self directed brief in my first year studying Fine Art.  I chose the theme 'Identity' as I was interested in portraiture, people's personalities, body language, what information they choose to share with others about themselves and things they choose to keep secret.  I am pleased with the outcome as I have produced some successful pieces and my work was chosen amongst four other students' to be exhibited in the windows of the university... but I do think I could have achieved a lot more from this very open brief and I need to step out of my comfort zone.